Potato Finger Chips | French fries | Indian Style

Today I am sharing with you Crispy and delicious homemade Potato Finger Chips.

Potato Finger Chips

Ingredients Of Potato Finger Chips


  • Potato – 2 nos.

  • Soya sauce – 1 tbsp

  • Tomato sauce – 2 tbsp

  • Cooking oil for deep fry.

  • Salt to taste

    Instruction Steps:

  • Take the potatoes and peel out the skin and cut into lengthwise thick chunks, say about a centimeter and a half in size.

  • Put them in water as and when you cut the potatoes. And keep changing the water every hour do it twice.

  • After that discard the water, the extra water gets absorbed by the tissue paper/towel.

  • Now take a pan / kadai for deep frying, heat oil in it, here we are going to fry the potatoes twice. Say for the first round of the cooing process will take around 5 minutes for each set. Fry all the potatoes and keep aside.

  • Again deep fry the cooled potatoes. The oil should not be too hot so that, the slices will turn brown the moment you put them in oil. The heat should be kept in medium-high.

  • Now take another pan heat to add the fries and sprinkle salt to taste, soya sauce, tomato sauce and fry.

Crispy & Tasty Potato Finger Chips is ready to eat... Serve hot.



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