Nougat Flan and Strawberry Sauce

I will detail what we need and how we prepare Nougat Flan and Strawberry Sauce so that will turn out as perfect as the one I show you in the bottom photo.

Nougat Flan and Strawberry Sauce

Ingredients of Nougat Flan and Strawberry Sauce:

  • 250 grams Jijona Nougat Liquid

  • 500 g whole milk

  • 250 grams cream

  • 80 grams sugar

  • 2 sachets of curd

  • Strawberry jams

  • Strawberries (to decorate)

Instruction Steps:

  • In a saucepan, introduce nougat, milk, cream, sugar and curd sachets.

  • We put it to low heat and we are constantly stirring until we see that the mixture has thickened a little (more or less 10 minutes)

  • In the end, pour this mixture into a mold, either rectangular, in the form of a crown or individual flaneras.

  • Let cool several hours in the refrigerator before serving.

  • At the time of plating, I recommend preparing a "bed" of strawberry jam, just above a piece of flan and decorated with some strawberries so that in this way is more colorful.

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