Crespells | How to make Spanish Crespells

Today I bring you a very typical recipe in Mallorca: The Crespells being one of the star recipes of these days. Each Spanish house prepares them in different ways using different measures and even ingredients.

As I do not like those fine Crespells that look like a biscuit, I present mine, for me the best, crispy (without being biscuit), thicker than normal and with a slight orange flavor that will delight each and every one of you

Therefore, and without further ado, step to detail what we need and how we prepare them to come out as perfect as you will see in the photo below.


Ingredients of Crespells:

500 grams loose flour 
150 grams lard
150 grams sugar
140 grams natural orange juice
60 grams oil
The skin of a grated lemon
2 egg yolks
Molds of different shapes to model Crespells

Instruction Step:

In a container, large enough to knead without problems, we toss the egg yolks, the skin of the grated lemon, the lard, the sugar, the oil and the orange juice previously squeezed. We stir until all the ingredients are well mixed. I recommend having melted the butter a little before, in this way it will be easier to handle.

We incorporate the flour little by little while we will need. They will always be more or less 500 grams, you will see while you love. There must be a dough that does not stick on your fingers but not too "hard".
We let it rest for several minutes and proceed to prepare the Crespells.
To do this we will take a dough ball and flatten it until we have a thickness of about a finger. With the help of a mold, the way you want, we will stick it into the dough, once the shape is done, we will eliminate the dough from the edges, we will demold the Crespell and arrange it on a previously floured baking sheet.
We introduce in the oven, previously heated at maximum power, for 20/25 minutes at 180ยบ.
Remove and let cool before serving (should be golden brown on both sides)

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